Password Default policy for IAM users

F – I – N – A – L – L – Y

Please …….
Why did we even have to set these password policies back in the days.
It should have been there by default.

No brainer, you use cloud, you have to put a strong password.
Without a strong password, you must not be able to proceed.

Eventually AWS made that default now.

Well, better late than never.

No more RTMP support on AWS

AWS discontinuing RTMP by tomorrow.

See below links for more information –

“AWS has a long history where we do not deprecate AWS service functionality unless for security reasons or under unusual circumstances. In 2017, Adobe announced the end-of-life for Flash will be December 31, 2020. In addition to Adobe, many of the most widely used internet browsers are also discontinuing Flash support in 2020. As a result, Amazon CloudFront will no longer support Adobe Flash Media Server and will be deprecating Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) distributions by December 31, 2020.”

“RTMP Streaming Protocol is receiving declining support from Content Delivery Networks CDNs). One major demand that RTMP stream places on CDNs is the requirement of an active connection between Flash Media Player and the viewer on port 1935. This is because RTMP requires a persistent connection. On the other hand streaming protocols such as HLS, DASH and HDS require streaming over HTTP, and do not require much customization, and are easily supported by CDNs. Also, with Flash not being supported by Android and iOS, RTMP use is steadily declining.”

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